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Friday 01st May 2015

April 2015: Our Favourite Coffee Industry Blog Posts

If you were too busy to read blog posts in April, worry not as we have collected our favourite coffee industry blog posts from the month of April below. When you get a spare moment we reccomend you having a look at the list below. If there is a great post that you think we may have missed, please email us – marketing@cafepoint.co.uk.


COIL: A New Adventure in Cold Brew Coffee

Brewed coffee is usually enjoyed hot. Recently however, more and more people are switching their attention to properly brewed iced coffee…and industry professionals are now looking in that direction too. If you’re a huge fan of cold brewed coffee but want none of the heavy, expensive equipment required for it, check out COIL, a black ceramic brewer that lets you enjoy iced coffee whenever you want it.

Third Wave Coffee Heavy Hitter Sucre Opens In The Quarter, Salon Coming Soon

New Orleans’ French quarter has its share of coffee fanatics and lovers, and they have a big reason to rejoice! Sucre’s latest branch just opened at 622 Conti, and it’s powered up with the only Modbar in the city. If you’re near the area and are looking for a good spot to sip coffee, indulge on chocolates, or munch on macaroons, check out this post about Sucre.

Sasa Sestic of Australia Wins The 2015 World Barista Championship

Sasa Sestic, hailing from Canberra, Australia, won the 2015 World Barista Championship held in Seattle, Washington. What is Sestic’s chosen “weapon” for this tournament? It’s the Sudan Rume, one of the scarcest commercially cultivated coffee varieties in the world. This report from Sprudge paints Sasa Sestic not as a conservative barista but a tactician that served tailored coffee experiences to the judges. Read and learn more about the man behind the cup!

Show Me The Money!

Most posts found in coffee blogs and online magazines put the emphasis on the coffee itself – the beans used, roasting process, origins…you know the drill. This one is different though as it dabbles into the economy of the industry. Prices of quality coffee beans are on the rise. If you’re within the coffee industry deep enough to feel the price hike but are wondering why, this post from Has Bean will shed some light.

New Robot Barista Can Make Lattes but Still Gets Your Name Wrong

Robots and artificial intelligence have invaded disciplines that used to be exclusive domains of humans: Garry Kasparov succumbed to IBM’s Deep Blue in chess; deep learning AI that translates, speaks, and writes like us; and then there’s this new robot that could replace your local barista. It still gets people’s names wrong though!

Organic Cafe Kape Bantay Is A Local’s Paradise In La Trinidad, Philippines

Kape Bantay is one of Philippines’ hidden coffee gems located in La Trinidad. The people of La Trinidad are tied to their crops, and Maccha (the woman behind Kape Bantay) provides better economic flexibility and alternative income source to local producers by working with them. Learn more about Kape Bantay and the numerous products it carries.

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