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Monday 01st June 2015

Infographic: 13 Coffee Health Benefits

What is often served black but sometimes with cream or fresh milk too and can –

…boost your brainpower and memory
…endow you with faster recovery and greater strength like a superhero
…keep your circulatory system and heart in good shape
…help you drop those unwanted pounds
…and even keep deadly cancers and diseases at bay?

The answer: coffee!

This may come as a surprise especially if you grew up being warned about coffee’s side effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate.

But thanks to the latest research and their results, the stigma that coffee had to endure for decades is quickly turning around for the better.

More and more people are becoming aware that coffee is not just good for one’s health but is actually a super-food! It’s of little surprise that the global demand for the “wake me up” beverage will increase by 25% this year according to the International Coffee Organization.

Bandwagoning may not be your cup of coffee (pun intended) but this trend of increasing coffee consumption is something you may want to leap into. Check out the infographic below and learn about the different ways your body can benefit from a cup of joe!

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