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Monday 01st June 2015

May 2015: Our Favourite Coffee Industry Blogs

There’s a lot of crazy and fun stuff going on in the coffee industry: coffee events that attract caffeine lovers everywhere, newsworthy coffee shop openings in other parts of the globe, and those are just to name a few.

We’ve gathered some of the latest news and interesting posts from the coffee / barista industry this May. Read on and don’t forget to enjoy this post with your cup of joe!


Coffee Obsession Becomes Barista Profession

The whole world consumes hundreds of millions of bags of coffee every year – 146.1 million coffee bags in 2013 to be precise, and those numbers have increased since then.

There’s no doubt about it: the whole world is obsessed with coffee and for good reasons. It’s good for your health; it keeps you awake, and coffee tastes great.

If you’re thinking about becoming a barista, this is great news – you’ll never run out of work opportunities! Learn how you can be a barista: what training options are available and which might be suitable for you.


Caffeine Crawl St. Louis Brings the Buzz for Year 4

Caffeine Crawl started in 2011, developed to give coffee lovers the chance not just to taste great coffee but to learn, share, and experience what baristas bring to the coffee table.

This year’s Caffeine Crawl at St. Louis was a massive success, with countless Crawlers jumping in on the fun as coffee shops opened their doors for tasting.

Read this report and virtual tour, it might convert you to a Crawler!


10 Things I Want My Kids To Know This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day celebration is over, but the spirit of motherhood is very much alive with this post at Coffee For Less.

If you’re a proud nurturing, coffee-loving mom who never tired of letting her kids know how much she loves them, read these 10 things a mother wants to say to her young ones.

You may find that many of the things in this list resonate with you. There’s even a discount code at the bottom, not sure if it’s still up and running though.

Check it out!


Pinoy Iced Coffee

Philippines was the 4th largest coffee producer 200 years ago. The country is nowhere near the top 10 list now. But know this: coffee from the Philippines still tastes awesome.

Treat you and your friends to a cold brew of coffee, Pinoy-style!

No hard-to-find ingredients and easy to prepare, this cold brew coffee recipe will quench your thirst for caffeine and cool your engines.


San Francisco Pastry Chefs Create Whimsical Espresso Drinks at Coffee Bar with Mr. Espresso

Coffee and pastries make for an awesome combination: crepes, sweet rolls, dark chocolate cake…you name it and you can bet it goes well with a cup of cappuccino or shot of espresso.

However, coffee and pastry are usually sold separately – ‘usually’ until pastry chefs from San Francisco collaborated with Coffee Bar.

The result: signature espresso drinks that combine the works of the best pastry chefs in the region with great-tasting coffee in one neat package.

There’s the Bicerin, Seasonal Winter Mocha, and a lot more. Check this out and may it inspire you to experiment and create your own!


Go Inside Coffee Supreme’s New Cafe In Christchurch, New Zealand

Coffee Supreme is the largest and most ambitious café yet in the city of Christchurch.

Supreme Supreme, the shop’s formal title, is the biggest thing Coffee Supreme has ever done according to Al Keating, managing and creative director.

The newly opened shop showcases a bar and a full service kitchen, allowing people to sit down and enjoy a full meal with their coffee.

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