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Thursday 02nd July 2015

June 2015: Our Favourite Coffee Industry Blog Posts

Just downed your first cup of coffee today? Good! Now you’re ready to read the following posts that coffee lovers shouldn’t miss.


The Land Of Milk And Sugar: Shortwave Coffee Keeps It Real In Columbia, Missouri

If you live in Columbia, Missouri, check out Shortwave Coffee located at 915 Alley. The new café filled in the space that a previous coffee business left vacant. Shortwave coffee mixes an unorthodox bar layout with simple, pared-down offerings that customers can enjoy daily.


What Makes An Americano Coffee Special

Want the invigorating aroma of an espresso without the really bitter taste? If that’s the case, an Americano is the perfect substitute – a drink of espresso that’s diluted with hot water. Learn about the origins of the Americano and what makes it really special.


What Is A Flat White Coffee?

Similar to latte but not the same, the flat white is all the rage today. This coffee beverage has the same espresso shot as a latte but with less volume as it has less milk. If you’re want to know more about the flat white and why it’s popular today, check out this post.


King’s Row Shelton Signature Blend – A Deep, Rich And Balanced Coffee

Have you ever wondered what a top chef’s coffee would taste like? The guys over at Coffee Detective also want to find out…and their prayers were answered when King’s Row Coffee sent their signature blend for review. The man behind the coffee is Craig Shelton – an award-winning chef…and the guy sure knows a thing or two about coffee.


Medellin’s Growing Specialty Coffee Scene

Coffee production in Colombia is regarded as the best in the world, and their capital Medellin boasts numerous top quality specialty coffee cafes. Read this article posted on Barista Magazine as Ken Olson takes readers on a virtual tour of Medellin’s best coffee spots.


20 Amazing Facts about Coffee

Did you know that failure to provide brides with coffee during wedding ceremonies could lead to divorce? Maybe you’d be surprised at the meticulous detail that Beethoven put into making his brew? Or perhaps you’re wondering how much the most expensive coffee costs? These are just some of the fun, interesting coffee tidbits you’ll find here!

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