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Tuesday 03rd March 2015

Top 23 Coffee Blogs You Should Follow

Are you lookin for…… The latest and hottest news from the coffee industry? Reviews of the best coffee beans and blends? Step-by-step guides on brewing, roasting, etc? Advice and tips to grow your coffee business?

The following 23 coffee blogs have it all plus a whole lot more! No true coffee lover should miss out on all the great information our top picks have to offer.



Barista Magazine has been around for almost a decade now and still counting – “serving people serving coffee since 2005”. Their blog contains the latest news in the coffee industry: reviews of awesome cafés local and abroad, as well as guides on cold brewing, where to find the best coffee wherever you are, plus a whole lot more.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Barista Magazine blogger Jeremy Martin wrote a 6-part series about cold brewing. The second part introduces readers to nitrogenated cold brew and the exciting method behind it.



Coffee & Conservation is a very apt name: the blog looks at the environmental connection between coffee and its impact on the environment (bird habitats in particular) – accompanied with guides to sustainable coffee, thorough reviews of coffee beans from around the world, and more.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Coffee & Conservation’s most shared post in 2014 was their review of food giant Nestlé’s 2013 sustainability report that spanned 404 pages. So is Nestle an environment-friendly company? Read their detailed review.



Jennifer, the author, has her own corner in Daily Demitasse “My Barista Diaries,” but she’s not just a barista. Also a freelance writer, café manager, and a shop owner, Jennifer’s insight and experience in the coffee industry shows in every interview, DIY guide, and review she publishes on Daily Demitasse.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Daily Demitasse’s interview with BREW’s AJ Viola got a lot of shares last year. AJ’s father has been running restaurants since he was 10, a strong influence to the creation of BREW decades later.



The blog was founded by the coffee-loving and stylish Daniejla, who happens to be Coffee Stylish’s editor-in-chief too. The blog’s clean and uncomplicated look reflects its focus ver well: good café-style drinks at home without the hassle, using fresh simple ingredients.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Recipes are the site’s specialty – and Daniejla’s coffee recipesgot a lot of sharing love from the coffee-drinking community. From simple lattes, simplified Starbucks Verismo recipes, to Nutella coffee, this page has it.



Coffee Bean Direct has been in the coffee-selling business since 2014 – serving tea, roasted and unroasted coffee beans to all comers. Their blog offers a lot of interesting stuff: “Behind The Mugshot” brings you closer to the guys behind the company, mouthwatering photos of food, recipes and even has a funny post on how to throw a weird baby shower at the office!

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: If you’re looking for a fluffier, lighter Cheesecake that’s not too heavy in calories, check out the Strawberry Wave Cheesecake, originally named “Mrs. Davis’ Unsinkable Cheesecake.”



The Roasterie has a rich portfolio. Serving specialty coffee to espresso bars, fine restaurants, high-end groceries, and coffeehouses, the guys behind it sure know a thing or two about coffee as proven by their 9 signature coffees that received a rating of 90+ in Coffee Review. Their blog is also impressive – with guides on brewing, tips from and interviews with The Roasterie’s baristas, and posts on their latest coffee explorations.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Skylar sounds like a superhero name, and this Skylar is a superhero in his own right. When he’s not in his UKMC class or playing his instruments, he’s brewing and serving coffee to customers at the company’s Brookside café.



Coffee Maker Plus has reviews on a wide range of coffee makers including models from Keurig, KitchenAid, Mr. Coffee, Bunn, and many others. The blog’s homepage greets you with the list of the 12 coffee makers reviewed by the site.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Keurig is a well-known name in the coffee industry. Their B31 model is a lightweight and small personal coffee maker that’s easy to use and carry.



Nate Smith is a coffee lover and his blog documents his journey for a better cup of Joe. Come along and be sure to check out Nate’s step-by-step video tutorials and guides to coffee brewing and roasting at home, product reviews, commentary and more.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Nate posts about National Coffee Day deals almost every year, and it’s not surprising that his post last year was very popular. After all, we could all use a free serving of coffee or two!



Sprudge’s tag line – ‘coffee news and culture’ – perfectly captures what the blog is about. Whether you’re looking for the latest industry news, updates on the newest coffee events and experiences, reviews of cafés around the world, or the hottest in coffee-making tech and design, you can count on Sprudge to serve it!

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: “We’ve never met a roaster we didn’t like,” says Sprudge author Zachary Carlsen. Matter of fact, he even gave 11 reasons why you should date a coffee roaster !



Coffee Cup News is more than a mere coffee industry news site. Its goal since 2008: to help ordinary folks find and make great coffee. Looking at the blog now, we think they did a good job of fulfilling that mission. Coffee Cup News has everything – from brewing guides, coffee accessory and gear reviews, roasting tips, to the latest news and everything in between.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Sipping on a cup of fine coffee is one of the most satisfying experiences one can have – second only to great coffee served with an equally fine cupcake. The Dulce De Leche mocha cupcake is an excellent companion to your cup of Joe.



Aaron Frey has been to Korea, Sweden, and now he’s in New York – a globe-trotting coffee lover on a mission to make good coffee easier to find. His blog posts bring you closer to the finest cafés in Europe, Asia, and United States, and FRSHGRND even has a global map of the best coffee houses with a convenient color-coding system.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Aaron’s post about 2 new coffee-roasting and production booksreleased last year takes the cake. It looks at “The Coffee Roaster’s Companion” and “The World Atlas of Coffee,” and the latter looks like a great way to introduce someone to world of coffee-making.



Drew Moody left the coffee industry after a 10-year stay. But while he has found a career in the corporate world, his heart will always be with his favorite beverage and “Corner Of The Café” is the proof. The blog is home to reviews of cafés and specialty coffee, latest finds in the industry, and other fun and engaging posts.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Drew’s best post was his list of 2014’s top 11 to 20 coffees – the result of sampling 175 different coffees from 75 different roasters.



Coffee Brew Guides isn’t just about brewing. The unnamed author wasn’t originally a fan of coffee, but somewhere along the way, he developed a passion for it – especially in the long and grueling process that goes with the creation of fine coffee. The blog looks into brewing methods and techniques and reviews of coffee grinders and other equipment.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: The post looks at the history of the siphon pot – starting with the earliest known patents filed in the 1830’s and 1840’s.



The Coffee Compass is all about craft coffee: treating its readers to interviews of great baristas in the US, reviews of various coffee products and shops, guides on cold brewing, making Japanese iced coffee, etc.; and other goodies.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Pour-over coffee is a Japanese coffee-making method that’s been gaining popularity lately. But successfully making coffee via the pour-over method requires attention – and a good cloth filter. Check out this primer on cloth filters written by Mikey Rinaldo.



Coffee Geek is more than just a personal blog – it’s a coffee community site where community members from around the world can tell of their experiences and share reviews. The site also contains numerous how-to guides that are sure to teach you a thing or two about finding, making, and enjoying great coffee!

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: It’s hard to judge a book by its cover, but you can tell how a coffee’s quality is by looking at the shop or café that sells it. This in-depth post at Coffee Geek teaches youhow to spot a quality café.



Dear Coffee, I Love You – or DCILY for short – is a great resource for coffee lovers everywhere. The blog isn’t just about coffee per se. Rather, it explores the culture, creativity, and design that goes into making that perfect cup of coffee. DCILY publishes reviews of coffee gear and shops, images of lovely coffee-related designs, and more.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Christmas and Valentine’s Day might be over, but the coffee lover gift ideas in this post are still worth a try. It has something for everyone and every budget!



We tried looking for the name and face behind Liquid Heaven Coffee but without success. No matter, you can still enjoy the blog – from the latest coffee industry news, guides to making great-tasting, homemade coffee, to detailed infographics and more.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: This list from Liquid Heaven contains probably the 5 most common myths and misconceptions about coffee. True fans and lovers of coffee shouldn’t fall for these so give it a read!



Nick Usborne started the blog 6 years ago and he shows no signs of slowing down. The Coffee Detective is jam-packed with coffee-related info. Whether you’re looking for reviews of coffee makers and grinders, guides on making gourmet coffee, surveys and tips on running a coffee biz, the Coffee Detective has it.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: “Is the plastic used in Keurig K-cups safe?” This was the question raised to Nick by Rosemary from Toronto. The post includes a Q&A between Coffee Detective and one of the manufacturer’s representatives.



Brewed Coffee isn’t just about brewing. The blog covers a wide range of topics that coffee lovers of different backgrounds and experiences will find interesting. Want to know how to use an Apple iPad to enhance your coffee shop’s environment? Looking for the best food pair for your morning blend? Or maybe you’ve got a surplus of change and want to support good coffee projects in Kickstarter? Brewed Coffee has the answers.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: If dropping those excess pounds you gained at Christmas seem impossible, give this post by Teresa Te a read and learn how coffee can help get your normal weight back.



One can’t help but admire Bill – the self-professed coffee fanatic behind Pure Coffee Blog. His love for coffee shows in the blog that’s full of detailed, objective reviews of coffee and tea establishments, as well as coffee beans and blends Bill has bought. He even has a rating system for his reviews!

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Pure Coffee Blog’s best post last year reviewed The Shop Cafélocated in Ithaca, NY. Check out why this coffee shop deserves a 6+ rating (Amazing!).



Andrew Hetzel – the man behind Coffee Strategies – is a well-known figure in the industry, quoted by Time Magazine, CNN, AP, Fortune Magazine, and other media outlets. His blog focuses more on the coffee entrepreneur than the average coffee lover. So if you’re looking for advice on improving your coffee shop’s profit or a guide on studying for a Q-Grader exam, Andrew and his blog can help you.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Andrew’s most shared post was an interview he did with a cable network TV show regarding climate change and it’s connection to coffee. Read the post and get a clearer picture of how climate change can affect coffee as we know it today.



The Coffee Sage will remain unnamed for now, but his blog deserves a closer look and read. The blog has a lot of good stuff that coffee-lovers will surely enjoy – updates on the latest coffee deals around, reviews of shops and cafés, with the latest interesting news thrown in between.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: This is a short post but an exciting and interesting one. Coffee flour – brainchild of Dan Bellaveau – could be an awesome way to reduce coffee-related wastage while providing a new food source.



Really, who doesn’t!? Coffee fanatic Michael Smith launched “I Need Coffee” back in 1999, and since then, the site has been delivering great tutorial after great tutorial for coffee fans who want to enjoy an awesome tasting cup at home. Don’t forget to check out their detailed coffee brewing guide on some of the most popular brewing equipment around.

Most Shared Post In The Last 12 Months: Your choice of beverage could say a lot about your personality, behavior, and current mood – even scientists agree! While this post by Samantha Thomas isn’t really based on science (but rather opinion and observation), it’s still an interesting read. Who knows, it may resonate with your choice of coffee.

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