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Thursday 03rd September 2015

August 2015: Our Favourite Coffee Industry Blog Posts

Wondering if a ceramic or steel burr coffee grinder is better? Maybe you’re looking for a coffee recipe that combines your favorite drink with vodka? Or perhaps you just want to learn how to make your own coffee minus the complex techniques and equipment? If you answered yes to any of those, our August round-up of blog posts from the coffee industry will keep you in the loop.

Recipe Of The Week: Dirty White Russian

What happens when you mix your favorite pick-me-up drink with a shot of vodka? You get the dirty white Russian. This chilled coffee recipe is an excellent summer drink that’s easy to make and great for your discerning taste buds. Check out the recipe.


Ceramic vs Steel Burr Coffee Grinders

One of the readers at Coffee Detective was wondering whether she should go for a ceramic or a steel burr coffee grinder – and Barbara Chacon’s answer is quite informative. It all boils down to control and fineness of the grind according to Barbara. If you have the same question, read the full post.


Coffee Lyrics In Your Favorite Songs

Some people love coffee so much that they had to include it in their songs. Frank Sinatra, The Beastie Boys, Carly Simon, and Natalie Cole are just a few of the numerous musicians that showed their love for coffee through their lyrics. Enjoy these songs while you drink your morning cup of Joe!


The Coffee Sleeve: Hot Coffee’s Best Friend

Necessity is the mother of invention they say. And it’s precisely the necessity to enjoy coffee while on the go that prompted Jay Sorenson to create what is now known as the coffee sleeve. Learn more about hot coffee’s best friend and be impressed with its functionality.


How To Make Coffee Using A Simple Coffee Sock Filter

There are many ways to make a cup of coffee – and one of the simplest is to use a coffee sock. The method is popular in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cuba, and Costa Rica…and it’s a great, eco-friendly coffee-making technique you should try if you don’t want any of the complex equipment and machines used by baristas.


No-Churn Coffee Fudge Ice Cream

Looking for a great-tasting, frozen dessert that’s easy to make? Look no further, check out Coffee Bean Direct’s no-churn coffee fudge ice cream. With only 4 ingredients to use and only 6 simple steps, this is a recipe you can easily make and enjoy.

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