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Tuesday 04th August 2015

July 2015: Our Favourite Coffee Industry Blog Posts

Coffee may often be found in a cup, but it has more uses in the garden and on first dates than you may realize. This round-up shows you how to get more out of your coffee – PLUS the best apps for coffee lovers, brewing methods every self-professed coffee lover should know, and those are just to name a few.

Is Coffee Good For My Roses?

Coffee is a mainstay in the kitchen, but it turns out your garden has great uses for it too – especially if you’re growing roses. Coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen (which plants need) and can keep garden pests at bay in more ways than one. Read this article and find great new uses for your coffee!

The Best Apps For Serious Coffee Lovers

Make no mistake about it: you don’t need apps to enjoy coffee. And we could use less of the “coffee apps” that are really nothing more than mobile mini-sites that contain recipes for a cup of latte or cappuccino. However, the best coffee apps out there bring more than just recipes – allowing coffee lovers to find, buy, and have a better appreciation for coffee.

Why A Coffee Date Makes The Perfect First Date

Want to ask someone out but don’t know where to take them? Well, why not try a coffee shop near you? There are a lot of good reasons why the line “Do you want to grab coffee sometime?” is popular – and this post shows you 4 reasons why a coffee shop is the perfect venue for a first date.

What’s The Best Way To Brew Coffee

This is a big question as the Coffee Detective admits, and the answer depends on your definition of the best. Are you looking for the best flavour, fastest brewing process, or most convenient? So instead of answering that head on, this article points you to various guides that teach you how to brew that perfect cup of coffee.

Bartenders Can Earn $100,000 By Winning This Contest—Why Not Coffee?

More and more international competitions are taking the world by storm. There’s the World Aeropress Championships, World Barista Championships, and now here comes the Diageo World Class Competition. Well, it’s not really a coffee-making competition but this year’s theme is coffee and tea, and participants were sent an Aeropress. Learn more about this exciting competition!

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