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Friday 12th February 2016

VE Connect - The Cool And Smart Vending Machine

In 2014, 3.74 million vending machines all over Europe dispensed 78 million items daily, turning over £9.14 billion according to the 2015 Market Report of the European Vending Association.

The global vending market is growing year after year.

And while 6 out of 10 vending machines in Europe are hot drinks machines, the latest vending machines all over the globe have branched out from the usual food and drinks – catering to a wider variety of industries like:

  • Technology: Apple’s vending machines, for example, are placed in strategic and high traffic locations like hotels and airports. And while not every hotel client or airplane passenger buys an iPhone or iPad, the vending machines do a great job of increasing brand awareness.
  • Outdoor Clothing And Accessories: Quicksilver sells their trendy board shorts, bikinis, and sunglasses through vending machines located in equally trendy hotels like the Standard. The move is a life-saver for people who forgot to bring those items – and buzz-worthy too!
  • Cosmetics: Don’t you think a fun, pink vending machines that dispenses cosmetics would stand out in an airport? It sure would – and Benefit Cosmetics understand that. And you can find their vending machines catering to women who have time to kill while waiting for the plane.

Want to join and ride the exciting growth of the vending market?

If you do, here’s some good news: Vendors Exchange International released a smart vending machine that’s sure to catch the attention and connect with potential customers – and can vend just about any product available: the VE Connect.

And it’s more than a machine that dispenses products like hot drinks, healthy sandwiches, and cosmetics. It’s an easy-to-use revenue generator and a valuable touch point to connect with office employees and customers!

Extra Revenue Generation Made Easy

The smart vending machine doubles as a prime advertising space, allowing you to play HD video advertisements, full screen image ads, along with banners and charge for a premium. Moreover, VE Connect is designed to vend just about any product you can imagine:

  • Food and drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Umbrellas and neck pillows
  • Emergency diapers, single-serve pain relievers, and antacid
  • Fresh salads, sandwiches, and vegetable trays
  • Chargers, laptop batteries, and even mobile phones

…making the machine a great (and profitable) fit wherever you install it – from hotels, train stations, office buildings, to universities.

Engaging Content That Potential Customers Love

VE Connect isn’t just a vending machine. It’s a full digital signage solution which lets you push appealing content and important messages: from birthdays, promos, advertisements, to event announcements and more.

The system gives you full control of the schedule and lets you play files as frequently as you’d like – all the while keeping the vending interface in loop so customers can still easily use the machine.

And here’s something office employees, hotel regulars, train passengers, and vending customers of all ages love: games!

The smart vending machine lets you bring fun into the office, train station, hotel entrance, and school cafeteria. With interactive games that build mental skills and memory, engaging potential customers while encouraging them to buy more from the machine.

A Breeze To Use

VE Connect uses a cloud-based interactive content management system, which lets you control the smart vending machine wherever there’s an internet connection.

The dashboard lets you remotely manage one, hundreds, or even thousands of units, and easily change HD video advertisements and still images on display.

VE Connect’s easily configured alert notifications warn you when the machine is running low on stocks, experiencing problems, or when the bill acceptor is full so you can fix the issues right away.

The VE Connect screen can be installed with N&W Tango’s and N&W Samba’s – if you would like to discuss this exciting vending technology in more detail please call us on 0208 523 3000 or request a call back.

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