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Tuesday 31st March 2015

March 2015: Our Favourite Coffee Industry Blog Posts

Please find below our very first coffee industry blog post round up, we have come across some very informative and interesting posts this month and would highly reccomend that you take a look at those listed below:

Cookie Coffee Cups Go Mainstream With Help From Colonel Sanders

Biodegradable coffee cups are nice, but here’s something that will also make Cookie Monster jump for joy: cookie coffee cups. Yep, you read that right. You can now order edible coffee cups from KFC, combining sustainability, simplicity, and tasty cookies. What’s not to like!?


3 Top Recipes From The 2015 Singapore AeroPress Championship

The 2015 Singapore Aeropress Championships hosted by Common Man Coffee Roasters saw 18 competitors assemble together and competed for the coveted award. Common Man’s Xin Yi Loke shared pictures, details, and the event’s winning recipes in this post.


Pittsburgh’s Prettiest New Cafe Is 4121 Main

4121 Main isn’t your average café: it’s an art gallery, a small gift shop, a boutique store, and a professional coffee service in one neat package. The shop’s presentation is regularly guided by an ever-changing editorial calendar – one that’s driven by seasonal changes, new ideas, and artistic intention. The place is worth a visit regardless of the season!


10 Australian Cafes With Bodacious Design

People go to cafés not just to take a sip of great-tasting coffee but to enjoy the café’s ambience as well. Australia is home to great coffee shops that are adorned with equally impressive designs. If you’re in the country and you’re looking for coffee shops with playful, adventurous, and catchy designs, check out this post. We find Bunker – a ‘hole in the wall’ in Brisbane – very interesting to say the least.


Food, Coffee, And Design In Modern Auckland

What happens when food, design, and coffee service work in harmony? You get RAD, Chuffed, and The Lunch Room – 3 cafés in Auckland, New Zealand that deliver great food, coffee, and service under one roof. We especially liked the look of Chuffed – with its outdoor feel and colorful environment to go with your warm cup of coffee.


Top 3 Ways to Re-use Your Coffee Grounds

Consuming 7 million tons of coffee translates to about 5 million tons of coffee grounds that are ready for disposal – that’s enough waste to fill the Wembley Stadium 140,000+ times. But there’s something you can do to minimize the waste. While those used coffee grounds may not have a lot of use in the kitchen, there are numerous ways to reuse them – James Grierson shows you the top 3.

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