8 Impressive Benefits of Our Vending Machines

Ever wondered what’s inside CafePoint's vending machines?

Ever wondered what’s inside CafePoint’s vending machines?

Probably not.

And even if you did, the nuts and bolts of a vending machine isn’t the most exciting topic. Instead, we’ll focus on the impressive benefits our vending machine technologies provide to users.

The Seamless Payment System Makes Buying Your Products Simple

Pay Without Cash Using Android And Apple Pay

Android Pay is Google’s full mobile payment system, which lets users purchase goods both in the digital and physical world. The service received a lot of support and is now available in banks across many countries like the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and many more.

Apple, on the other hand, has Apple Pay. The mobile payment platform was opened to the public in 2014. The number of transactions through Apple Pay has only increased since then, with more and more brick-and-mortar businesses getting on the service.

Our vending machines are equipped with both of these cutting-edge cashless payment technologies.

Whether you’re looking for healthy crisps to get you through the day or a helping of fruit juice, all you need to do is...

  • Go to a vending machine
  • Tap Android or Apple Pay to enter your payment details
  • Make your selection
  • And that’s it!

No more fumbling for coins or exposing your wallet and private information to prying eyes!

No More Lost Change With SureVend

Old vending machines, especially the spiral-driven variety, can leave people frustrated.

Should a product get entangled in the spirals instead of dropping down into the tray, a customer loses both their money and food, and in future they will avoid using the machine.

With the SureVend technology, however, customers will never leave empty handed again.

The technology uses a laser scanner and light sensors to guarantee delivery or give people’s money back. Its scanner searches for the code and scans the product three times before taking the payment. And if SureVend cannot find nor deliver the product, the customer can choose between picking another product or get a refund.

A vending machine eating your last few coins is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. Spare customers of the major inconvenience so they come back for more.

Engage Your Audience To Provide A Smooth Vending Experience

Smooth Selection And Customisation With Touch Screen Display

Physical buttons and keyboards are awkward for making selections and customising drinks at vending machines. They’re not intuitive and the spaces between the buttons can accumulate dust, dirt, and moisture, creating additional maintenance work.

With our touch screen display, customers directly interact with the images on the interface, making for a smoother vending experience.

Serve Content Through RSS Feeds

For many of our clients, vending machines don’t just provide their staff with snacks and beverages on demand. They also function as another touchpoint with employees.

Whether you’re running a company news bulletin, have an important announcement, or put up ads for extra revenue, our vending machines can serve the content you want while customers wait for their drinks using RSS feeds.

An excellent way to get the attention of and engage an audience.

Create Custom Drinks And Save Them Using Your Phone

The advent of smartphones didn’t just open the doors for mobile payments.

Using your phone and one of our apps, you can also choose your snack or drink from the vending machine before you even get there. With your order ready by the time you walk in, you need not waste time waiting and can go back to what you need to do.

Not only that...

You can even save your mix for that perfect cup of coffee or tea. With your mix and settings saved, you can enjoy personalized drink over and over again with the press of a button.

Increase Revenue And Better Efficiency

Maximize Uptime And Revenue With Advanced Failure Warnings

The way a vending machine works is simple enough to understand: Insert money, select a product, the machine dispenses the order, and that’s it! However, inside one is a collection of parts that need to work together like clockwork, including:

  • A payment processing system
  • Amount indicator
  • Repayment ports
  • Display chambers
  • Cranes and nozzles
  • Operation panels
  • Money slots
  • Sensors

And plenty more!

A vending machine and its parts can suffer from wear and tear like any 24/7 workhorse. Breaking down is inevitable without proper maintenance, and when that happens, revenue stops.

To counteract this, we created our advance failure warning system to ensure your vending machine gets the preventative maintenance it needs to keep making you money.

Whether one of the sensors needs dusting or the coin acceptor needs cleaning, you can count on the early warning system to give you a timely heads-up.

Change Prices In Real Time With Electronic Tray Labelling [ETL]

Prices can fluctuate wildly depending on what you’re selling.

For example:

TG Gold-Super-Markt, based in Germany, decided to vend gold via their Gold-To-Go machines scattered across different parts of the globe.

Gold is a high-ticket item whose per-ounce value can shift with little notice. And if TG Gold-Super-Markt wants their gold ATMs to turn up a profit, changing their price tags in real time is a must.

Not an easy feat when machines are miles apart.

But thanks to electronic labelling and the internet, the vending machines update their prices depending on the market value every 10 minutes. Today, Gold-To-Go machines have dispensed €27,691,476.24 worth of gold to 67,041 customers - and the numbers keep climbing!

Perhaps you’re not planning to vend gold bars and jewelry, but being able to change product prices from anywhere with an internet connection is a welcome convenience all the same.

CafePoint’s vending machines come with electronic tray labelling, meaning you don’t have to replace price labels on site. Coupled with online connectivity, making sure products are selling at a profitable price is as easy as a few clicks.

Get Timely Alerts With Remote Diagnostics

Remote monitoring and diagnostics take advantage of real-time data and wireless networks to optimize performance. Unsurprisingly, the technology is a valuable asset in the automotive industry, especially in Formula One race cars.

Our vending machines have the same technology installed in them. They can’t go from 0 to 160 kph in seconds, but the remote diagnostics will track the performance of your machines and keep everything in working order.

Whether you’re running low on inventory or the coin acceptor is getting full, you will get the right alerts at the right time.

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