Instant hot drinks machines are perfect for those areas where space is limited and a floor standing machine is just too big. Instead, place one of our machines on a table top and grab your coffee!

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Our instant hot drinks machines are small and compact, but easily meet the demands of areas with higher footfall. Dispensing a vast amount of drinks throughout the day isn’t a problem.

Relocating your machine doesn’t need to be a headache! Our machines are easily portable, bringing fast beverages direct to your office at an affordable price.

Choose an instant hot drinks machine for environments that require a great beverage with limited space.

Why Work With Cafepoint?

  • ¬†Brand new Bravilor and Coffetek machines
  • Personal Account Manager
  • 4 Hour Call Out Time
  • Flexible rental and lease options
  • Manufacturer Trained Engineers
  • Managed Services Available

Our Coffee

Cafepoint LLP's success in the office coffee market place lies in our fanatical obsession with quality, our business model dictates the way in which we operate in our chosen market.

Our Instant Machines

All of our Instant Machines are available to buy, rent/hire and lease. Below we have outlined a few of our most popular machines, if you would like to learn more about any of our machines or see our full range please call us on 0208 523 3000 or request a callback.

  • Buy
  • Rent
  • Lease
  • Hire
  • Managed Service


Complete the following details and someone from our team will call you back to discuss your enquiry within 20 minutes.

Alternatively call to discuss

0208 523 3000

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get an instant machine?
Instant machines are great if you are looking for great tasting coffee but need to have a machine that you can move around freely to other rooms as and when you need.
What drinks can an instant machine serve?
Our instant machines provide an array of coffee drinks so you are guranteed to find of your coffee shop favourites!
Is it easy to maintain?
All of our machines use the very latest in vending technology meaning cleaning and maintenance of machines can be a seamless process.
Could we see a demo of a certain machine please?
Certainly, we are more than happy to provide demonstrations of our machines and their range of features.

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