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Snack vending machines are everywhere - in train stations, hospitals, colleges and universities, the list goes on. However these electromechanical convenience stores are most useful in the workplace.

Almost every business can benefit from the addition of a unit or two, and CafePoint can provide the ideal snack vending machine to suit your workplace.

Providing dispensed food to your team using a vending machine could boost your workplace’s productivity and employee satisfaction rates, which, in one study of 1,200 staff members, translated to a 150% return on investment!

When employees don’t have to leave the office to quench their thirst or satisfy their hunger, they will spend more time being productive at work and less on searching for something to eat.

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More and more employees are also becoming health-conscious, which you will want to support as it can help lower healthcare costs and downtime due to sickness.

If you’re looking to serve up wholesome foods to your staff, the best of our models even come with provisions for healthy snacks for vending machines.

Take the N&W Tango, for example.

Not only does it come with three payment systems, a touch screen display, and a large selection. But the Tango also has special trays for protein-rich sandwiches and a flexible layout for storing bottled water.

If you’re looking to get a snack vending machine for your office or building, CafePoint can help you get the right model that fits your budget.

The best snack vending machines can be expensive to buy outright, but with our flexible and affordable leasing options, you can get the right snack vending machine for your team in a cost effective way.

Moreover, CafePoint’s managed service handles restocking, maintenance, and any unforeseen problems, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Our 4-hour callout times guarantee a quick response to any technical problems, while our team of manufacturer-trained engineers will keep your units in fine shape.

We can also supply you with the healthiest vending machine snacks, as well as standard snacks and drinks.

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Why Work With Cafepoint?

  • ┬áBrand new N&W and Westomatic machines
  • Personal Account Manager
  • 4 Hour Call Out Time
  • Flexible rental and lease options
  • Manufacturer Trained Engineers
  • Managed Services Available

Our Snack Vending Machines

All of our Snack Vending Machines are available to buy, rent/hire and lease. Below we have outlined a few of our most popular machines, if you would like to learn more about any of our machines or see our full range please call us on 0208 523 3000 or request a callback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own snacks?
Yes, this is possible.
How often should I clean the snack machines?
This varies for each machine, our team can guide you dependent on your chosen machine.
What level of assistance can I expect from CafePoint?
We can tailor our level of assistance to meet your requirements, whether you are simply looking for us to supply you with a machine or provide a fully managed service we have the perfect solution for you.
Do you do demonstrations and will CafePoint install the machine for me?
Yes we can install machines and also we are more than happy to arrange demonstrations.

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