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In order to get the best coffee quality out of our range of professional coffee machines, we have formed personal relationships with coffee roasters all over Europe, this is what makes Cafepoint LLP so unique

Coffee The Cafepoint Way

Our most common blend is made up of high quality Fairtrade-certified Arabica coffees from around the world. It is rich and rounded in flavour with great caramel and toffee sweetness balanced by a developed ripe fruit acidity with a winy characteristic in the finish and chocolaty notes throughout.

As an espresso it is pleasantly intense, with a complex flavour profile and a lingering, almost spicy, aftertaste. With milk the chocolate notes from the Brazil and Ethiopian Mocha really come through, giving a smooth, full-flavoured drink with notes of milk chocolate and butterscotch.

Our Blends Components

20% Fairtrade Brazil Fine Cup

20% Fairtrade Colombia Medellin Excelso

20% Fairtrade Nicaragua SHB

20% Fairtrade Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah

20% Sumatra Blue Lintong Aceh Region

Roast Profile

Medium espresso roast, bringing the developed caramelized sugar sweetness from the American coffees and rich spiciness from the Sumatran, whilst also making the most of the delicate acidity of the Nicaraguan and slight fruit flavours of the Ethiopian.

Our Blend Breakdown






Fairtrade Brazil Fine Cup

Grown by the COOCAFE cooperative, in the Minas Gerais region of South Easter Brazil.

Fairtrade Colombia Medellin Excelso

Grown by the COSURCA cooperative, a well-known and well-respected coop with a reputation for looking after their farmer families well.

Fairtrade Nicaragua SHB

Grown by the CECOCAFEN cooperative in northern Nicaragua, a coop of over 2000 farmer families that have grouped together to gain Fairtrade certification, therefore allowing them to invest the Fairtrade premium they receive in further development of their growing and processing methods and in the local community.

Fairtrade Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah

A coffee grown by thousands of individual farmers across the Djimmah region of south-central Ethiopia. The coffee they grow is then collated at large centralized processing plants where the coffee is naturally dried and processed, resulting in a rich chocolate flavour and body.

Sumatra Blue Lintong Aceh Region

Grown by the PPKGO cooperative in the Aceh region on the northern tip of Sumatra. With the land and infrastructure largely destroyed by the tsunami that hit there a few years ago, the cooperative has put a huge amount of work into aiding the local communities to rebuild, and has a very strong social conscience.

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