Our Technology

We only recommend machines that are of modern design and whisper quiet ceramic grinders, which are ideal for today’s open plan office space. The range of drink options give our clients the same range of drinks they would expect to find in the high street.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Cafepoint we only "work” with service focused professional machine manufacturers that have machines with the most up to date technological advancements and back-up support to match, this gives us the edge over our rivals and in turn has enabled Cafepoint LLP to build a vast prestigious portfolio of well-known large corporate customers across all business sectors.

Our Recommended Technology

Android Pay

Android pay allows users to pay for their snacks and drinks with their Android device.

Touch Screen

Touch screens create a better user experience when selecting and customising drinks.

Apple Pay

Apple pay allows users to pay for their snacks and drinks with their Apple device.


No more lost change. SureVend guarantees product delivery, or you get your money back.

Remote Diagnostics

We can monitor your machines performance remotely and offer stock alerts.

Electronic Tray Labelling

ETL allows us to change the prices of products in your vending machine remotely.

Remotely Adjust Coffee

Is your coffee too strong or weak? Let us know and we can adjust the strength remotely from our office.

Advanced Failure Warnings

Our high tech modern machines will give us advance notice BEFORE a potential failure. This allows us to act early to avoid machine downtime.

Screen Advertising

Whilst staff are waiting for their drink you can serve them video content. For machines with heavy footfall this provides an excellent opportunity for an additional revenue stream.

RSS Connectivity

RSS feeds offer a great way to serve users news content whilst they wait for their drink, a company news bulletin is a good example.

Make Drinks From Phone

Choose your choice of drink from one of our apps and your drink will be ready by the time you walk to the machine!

Save Perfect Drink Mixes

Once you find your perfect coffee or tea blend, save it's settings to the machine so you can enjoy the perfect taste time after time at the touch of a button.

Want To Learn More? We are happy to organise machine demonstrations so you can see our technology first hand.

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